Fremont County Republican Party to consider censure resolution for state Rep. Oakley during Saturday convention

    Fremont County Republican Party Precinct 3-5 passed a resolution during its caucus last month censuring Wyoming Rep. Ember Oakley, R-Riverton.

    The resolution was written and presented by Darryl Szymanski of Riverton, who said Oakley’s voting record is “totally unaligned” with “the values of the GOP platform.”

    “This needs to be addressed,” Szymanski told County 10 this week. “We’ve got to have someone else get in office.”

    The resolution will now be presented during the Fremont County Republican Convention, which begins at 9 a.m. Saturday in the Heritage Hall at the Fremont County Fairgrounds.


    RNC delegate

    The voting body at the county convention consists of delegates from each precinct, who are selected during the precinct caucuses, Fremont County Republican Party Vice Chairwoman Ginger Bennett explained.

    In addition to resolutions, those delegates will consider any local changes proposed to the Party platform, she said, and they will select a delegate to represent Fremont County at the Republican National Convention.

    It’s the “first time ever” that Fremont County has had its own RNC delegate, Bennett noted, attributing the change to the “leadership” of Wyoming Republican Party chairman W. Frank Eathorne.

    In the past, Bennett said, Fremont County only got to send a delegate to the RNC every eight years, alternating with another county, while larger counties like Natrona and Laramie selected the majority of Wyoming’s delegates.


    “Now, every county has a delegate every presidential election,” Bennett said.

    ‘Amazing’ process

    She encouraged local residents – especially registered Republicans – to attend this weekend’s convention to observe the process, which she called “amazing.”

    “This is how the Party interfaces with the people,” she said. “It’s a really, really interesting day.”


    Republicans who can’t attend the convention should contact their precinct committee men and women to “get involved” at the local level, she added.

    “They are a conduit to your elected representatives,” Bennett said, pointing out that many precinct committee men and women also hold other elected offices. “This is a great way to bring ideas. … The Republican Party is your lobby organization.”

    The convention will likely last until 3 or 4 p.m. Saturday, Bennett said, with time set aside at the end of the day for anyone who wants to announce a run for office.


    Oakley did not respond to email requests for comment on the censure resolution.


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