Presbyterian Church request rezone for Broadway property; potential new owner may convert it to a mental health facility

    The Riverton Planning Commission has recommended that the Riverton City Council approve a rezone request for the old Riverton Presbyterian Church property on North Broadway.

    The church, which currently owns the property, has asked that it be rezoned from R-2 (residential) to C-O (office and institution), community development director Michael Miller said this week.

    The property is under contract, he noted, and the potential new owner is planning to convert it to “a mental health facility for the local community, with a primary focus on children from the local area.”


    The planning commission considered the rezone request last week, Miller said, and they voted 4-1 to recommend approval to the city council, which will consider the item during three separate meetings.

    The potential new owner plans to attend one of those city council meeting “to discuss their plans in detail or answer questions,” Miller said.

    He added that five city council members must vote in favor of the rezone request in order for it to pass, due to the “number of no votes from the adjoining public.”

    The city received 20 responses from citizens who live in the area, and all were against the rezone, community development clerk Kim Applegate said.


    For more information call the City of Riverton at 856-2227.


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