Pioneer Museum recently celebrated installation of electric vehicle fast-charging station with ribbon-cutting ceremony

    (Lander, WY) – The Fremont County Pioneer Museum and OtterSpace Electric Vehicle unveiled the new fast-charging Electric Vehicle charging station in a ribbon-cutting ceremony, held on Friday, July 28th, located in front of the Museum.

    This is the first fast-charging station in Fremont County (and one of the very few in the entire state), which can charge electric vehicles in 30 minutes, as opposed to the more typical four hour charging time.

    OtterSpace president Mike Yin shared that the 120 kW OtterSpace charging station at the Museum is the first of three total installations that will bring fast-charging services to all Fremont County Museums in 2023 and 2024.


    “This is only the beginning,” Yin said. “I want to make sure every community benefits from electric vehicles,” he added, referencing the potential economic benefits of having fast charging stations in “key tourism corridors.”

    As Yin was speaking, almost on cue, a tourist pulled into the station next to the demonstration Tesla, and began using the charger before the ribbon even had a chance to be cut.

    Scott Goetz, Fremont County Museum Director, also addressed the crowd.

    “This is an exciting day for the museums in Fremont County,” Goetz stated, and added that this is an “opportunity to provide resources for travellers,” while also promoting awareness of the museums.


    Attendees of the ceremony also got to enjoy light refreshments, and some fascinating local electricity history from Museum Site Manager Randy Wise, which you can learn more about at the museum and/or from Wise himself.


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