“Our children have benefited from an environment that nurtures faith and respect.”

    Because of the small, close-knit community, St. Margaret’s School has the ability to cultivate student relationships with teachers and administration.

    “Will and I chose to send our children to St. Margaret’s School where they have a learning
    environment that places faith at the center of daily learning and living,” shared Stephanie Hill.

    “They put parents in the driver’s seat by listening and responding to my concerns about our kids’ needs. I feel very much a part of my children’s education. St. Margaret’s School fosters such a sense of community.”

    Also noted as a one-stop, it’s also convenient for the Hill family to have all elementary-aged
    children at one school, rather than juggling transportation at multiple schools.

    Their oldest daughter, Lillianna, was very shy, especially when speaking in front of others. One of the biggest challenges she encountered in class was memorizing and analyzing poetry. 

    “Our daughter began challenging herself to find longer poems to memorize, and carried herself with such poise when reciting them that we could hardly believe such a transformation!” shared Stephanie.

    “The sense of community at St. Margaret’s is strong and supported by great communication and the small staff. Events like Open Houses are not faceless and we know all the teachers, administration, and families at some level,” added Stephanie.

    Inspire your children’s faith, embrace their uniqueness, and discover a path to excellence at St. Margaret’s School. Classroom space is still available for preschool through 5th grade.

    Register your child today, by calling 307-856-5922 or online here. Help your child reach their full potential at St. Margaret’s School and pave the way for their future filled with faith, knowledge and success.

    For more information, visit St. Margaret’s School or call 307-856-5922 to schedule a
    school tour.

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