Opinion: “Get a Spine Wyoming!”

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Dear Editor,

Recently some Democrats have been making noise at the national level about ending Iowa’s first in the nation status in presidential primaries. In following the old precept that even a broken clock is right twice a day, I think the Wyoming Republican Party should support this movement.


As it stands now, the Republican voters of Wyoming have NO role whatsoever in choosing our Party’s nominee for President. None whatsoever; nada, diddly-squat, zilch. Not much of a democracy if you ask me.

I favor a short primary season proposed by some that would have the 20 least populous states vote on the 1st Tuesday of May (or June), the next 15 least populous states vote on the following Tuesday, the next 10 least populous states the following Tuesday and finally the 5 most populous states on the 4th Tuesday in May (or June). There are other schemes out there; they’re almost all better than the grossly inadequate primary system we have now.

If the National Republican Party refuses to consider drastic changes to the present primary system, I think the Wyoming Party should just hold our own presidential caucus/primary on the first Tuesday in 2024.

Sure, we’ll get flack from the Washington crowd, but what do we have to lose? We already have no voice in choosing the nominee; zip, diddly-squat, null. Show some spine Wyoming Republicans and demand to have your voice heard!


Brendan Fitzsimmons


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