Talk in the 10: Hospital stay

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    During the last four months, I learned how fortunate our community is to have exceptional
    doctors and hospital care. I have had two knee replacements. Dr. Lamblin’s expertise and
    happy, caring personality reassured me that having these surgeries here was the right decision. He is one of the doctors for the US Ski team and thankfully he decided to practice in Lander.

    I spent one night in the hospital after both my surgeries and could not have had better care. The nursing staff was attentive and committed to making sure I was pain free and comfortable. One unexpected surprise was how much I enjoyed the hospital food!


    Bill had a hip replacement and had a similar experience. Dr. Francisco and the hospital staff were exceptional.

    The hospital infrastructure appears to be worn. We witnessed the janitorial staff working hard to keep it sterile and clean.

    Sue Lee


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