Talk in the 10: Investing in Lander

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    Lander saw record snowfall over the Thanksgiving holiday and by the following Monday, roads were rutted ice rinks. 

    Despite my four-wheel-drive, I became stuck in a rut on South 5th, being forced toward a parked vehicle. At only 10 MPH, I turned to pull out of the rut and spun 180 degrees, right into the gutter on the opposite side of the road. Luckily, nobody was parked there.


    While the community tries to understand how the half percent tax benefits Lander, I ask the City Council to consider whether “economic development” is the best use of these tax dollars.

    I know the tax was voted on specifically for economic development and that can’t be changed now. But I see the town we love deteriorating rapidly.

    Let’s repurpose this half percent tax. Vote to cover road and sewer repairs and snow removal. Hire crews to work at a decent wage. Maintain the equipment. Or allow citizens to band together systematically to remove snow from side streets. Spread sand where you can’t plow. 

    We know that snow removal and road maintenance cost money. But as winters seem to worsen, we need to be prepared. This lack of road maintenance has folks eager to move away from Lander – even lifelong Landerites – and that’s not good for the community.


    I believe our city employees are doing the best they can with few resources. It just isn’t enough. And that’s on us, the citizens – the voters – to change. 

    We can support our community by getting involved in the conversation and investing in Lander so that people want to come here. 

    Can the city find the resources to plow roads more expeditiously or at the very least put something on the roads to stop the ice from becoming so dangerous? Until then, drive safe, Lander. 


    A Lifelong Landerite,
    Sarah Reilley 


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