Talk in the 10: One Shot Antelope Hunt

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    County 10 received two responses to the Talk in the 10 posted March 24, “Time to end the One Shot Hunt.” The responses are shared below.

    You bring up some good points, Robert. However, you leave a lot out.


    This is an opportunity for people around the world to experience a Pronghorn Antelope hunt. As a 57 year, 5th generation, lifelong resident of Wyoming. I do not view the 1 Shot as for the prestigious. This hunt PROMOTES hunting in Wyoming. It is done with experienced guides. I would say at least 90% of the meat is donated to those in need. It is a tradition that should be held onto. 

    If you are worried about the number of licenses given, contact the Wyoming Game and Fish in Lander. Attend meetings that are open to the public.

    Meanwhile enjoy this beautiful land and its creatures.

    Chancy Brown


    I would like to respond to the person who wrote about the One Shot Antelope Hunt.  I guess I don’t take kindly to people who move to this town, from a place they didn’t like and then try to change our ways. We have traditions in this part of the world and the One Shot Hunt has been going for many years with a little bit of history that goes with it. Yes Sir, you need to get your facts correct. You misinformed people in this town with your uninformed information. The One Shot has been a tradition for men, and has done with no problems from anyone. And the businesses all benefit from this. Lodging, restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores and gift shops. If women are allowed, so be it, but they can form their own One Shot Women Hunt which too would be ok. The licenses do not take away from the total you mentioned, Again, get your facts correct. The Reservation plays a part in this the night before with a blessing of the Bullet and that is another Tradition. Maybe, you’re not a tradition person, if not, that’s your loss. We have a wonderful 4th July with Rodeo, Parade and fireworks and BBQ at the park that the Lander Rotary does. Maybe, this town is a little too much for you, so if you don’t like it the highway goes out as well as in. I guess this may be blunt for some, but it’s upsetting when our town is told what to do by you. This is a terrific community and people who care about each other and many are from the old families of long ago with terrific stories. So SIR, please stop by the One Shot Office and speak to someone who can inform you with true facts, if not then live with our ways or go to another state that will satisfy you. This is Lander and we love it. Thank You   

    Wendy Gibson  
    Lander, Wy


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