Name nominations galore!

    The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) and the Wind River Intertribal Council-DOT are thrilled to invite you to their ongoing ‘Plow Personalities: Name the Blizzard Brigade’ contest. This is your opportunity to shine and be a part of something special.

    As winter descends upon us, WYDOT’s dedicated snow plow operators are gearing up to keep our roads safe and clear. And now, they’re turning to you for a burst of creativity!

    We’ve received some fantastic submissions so far, like:

    • Olaf” ❄️
    • Blowdozer
    • snowbegone kenobe” ☁️

    But there’s room for more creativity, and we want to hear from you! Here’s a quick reminder of how to join:

    1. Nominate: Suggest a cool name for a plow in the WYDOT and WITC-DOT fleet
    2. Share Your Story: Tell us why your name choice is a winner.
    3. Stay Tuned: Follow the contest and be sure to VOTE for your top favorites on Friday, September 22nd

    🚧 Safety First! As you hit the road this winter, remember these snow plow safety tips:

    🚘 Slow Down: Slow down when you see a plow. Snow plows travel at slower speeds; the most common crashes are motorists hitting the rear end of the plow.

    🌨️ Stay Visible: Don’t assume the plow driver can see your vehicle. The plow driver’s field of vision is limited. You may see a plow, but the driver may not see you.

    ✋ Keep Back: Keep well back from snow plows. Plow drivers can’t see directly behind their trucks. Know where the snow plow is on multi-lane highways

    And remember, your nominated names will become pieces of community art! Community members will bring these names to life on snow plows in multiple communities. Our Tribal Snow Plows will proudly display names in both English and Native American languages.

    Join the fun! Visit the Blizzard Brigade Naming Contest Page to nominate a name and help us keep the roads safe.

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