Snow Plow Safety Tips

    Stay informed and stay safe with these essential guidelines for sharing the road with snow plows during winter conditions.

    1. Give Snow Plows Room: Don’t tailgate; keep a safe distance of up to three seconds, especially on slippery roads, where more stopping time is needed.
    2. Avoid Snow Clouds: Don’t drive into a snow cloud; a plow may be working inside.
    3. Adjust Your Speed: Slow down to match road conditions.
    4. Stay Alert Near Plows: Reduce speed when near a plow; they travel slower, and rear-end collisions are common.
    5. Be Visible: Don’t assume the plow driver sees you; their field of vision is limited.
    6. Keep a Safe Distance: Stay well back from plows, except on multi-lane highways where you should know their location.
    7. Check Road Conditions: Before you go, visit for updates; in storms, if you can delay your trip, it’s safer.
    8. Light Up: Turn on your headlights and buckle up.
    9. Cruise Control Off: Disable cruise control when conditions are tricky.
    10. Practice Patience: Remember, plows are improving road conditions.
    11. Follow, Don’t Pass: It’s safest to drive behind a plow; when unsure, stay put.
    12. Move Over for Safety: When emergency vehicles flash lights, slow down and move over if possible.
    13. Stay Informed: Download the WYDOT road info app or visit for real-time updates.
    14. Respect Their Size: Plow trucks are massive with blind spots; avoid them.
    15. Mind the Wing Plow: Plows have a smaller wing plow on the right side; it’s often overlooked but essential.
    16. Leave Early: Give yourself extra time for smart decisions on the road.

    Remember, your safety is WYDOT’s top priority. Whether you’re navigating snowy highways or city streets, practicing these snow plow safety tips ensures a safer winter journey for all.

    Wishing you safe travels and warm regards from WYDOT and WRITC-DOT!