Mobile home code change, local park research on Riverton City Council agenda for regular meeting Tuesday

    The Riverton City Council will hold a regular meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 19, in the Council Chambers at Riverton City Hall, 816 N. Federal Blvd.

    The agenda includes a public introduction and oath of office for the Riverton Police Department.

    The council will also consider a replat to “correct a longstanding issue” in the Ashgrove Addition, where several property lines are “skewed compared to the building placement and property use.”


    “When the undivided property was used by the same family, or group, in the past, it did not create any specific issue,” staff said in a memo. “Now, the owner (Open Gate Investments) is looking to have each domicile correctly shown on its own individual lot and to correct general lot line issues.

    “This property has been functioning in a manner consistent with the proposed lot lines between buildings for decades.”

    Brown Sugar

    The council will consider one resolution Tuesday granting a second extension to Brown Sugar Inc. to complete the construction of a commercial building at 422 E. Main St.

    The city sold the property to Brown Sugar in 2019 without advertising the sale or calling for bids, since the company “was acquiring the property for a use which the governing body determined will benefit the economic development of the municipality,” staff said.


    Conditions of the sale required Brown Sugar to apply for a building permit for the property and obtain a certificate of occupancy for the building within 18 months of the sale, but staff said the company requested – and was granted – an extension to that timeframe in 2020 because “circumstances beyond its control made it unfeasible to meet the 18-month deadline.”

    That first extension expired in February 2022, staff said, and Brown Sugar “formally submitted a letter requesting a second extension” last month.

    The resolution the council will consider this week allows for a 36-month extension, but it also states that the city “will exercise its right to the title” of the property in February 2025.


    “At such time any building and improvements located (there) shall revert to the City of Riverton,” the resolution states. “All right, title, and interest of Brown Sugar Inc. to 422 E. Main Street shall then be terminated.”

    Staff noted that the council may also:
    -exercise its right to the title of the property immediately
    -waive the performance requirements and time limits associated with the warranty deed
    -amend the length of the proposed time extension, or any other terms associated with the resolution

    Mobile home zoning

    The council will hold a public hearing Tuesday before considering an ordinance on first reading amending “the manner by which infractions are enforced related to travel trailers and mobile homes,” according to staff.


    The change would allow the police department to enforce code violations occurring in the public right-of-way, staff said, while city building staff would continue to enforce code violations that occur on private property.

    “This proposed change is more consistent with how violations within the right-of-way (e.g. parking) are enforced,” staff said.

    Parks survey

    The council will also consider a contract agreement with the TextMyGov communications platform this week, and they will consider directing staff to “research funding opportunities for design and improvements to City and Sunset Parks.”

    “In the last several months, the City of Riverton has seen increased interest (in) possible additions to both parks,” staff said in a memo, mentioning proposals involving pickleball, roller derby, basketball courts, and “miniature soccer courts.”

    Staff said they prepared “mockups” of each proposal and asked participants at a public meeting this fall to “place sticky notes on the improvements they would like.”

    Twenty-three people voted for pickleball courts at City Park, according to the staff report, with only a handful of votes registered for the other proposals.

    h/t City of Riverton

    “Any number of the recommendations (are) viable and should be contemplated for future improvements,” staff said, recommending that the council take a “holistic approach” to the decision, “with a well-thought-out design to incorporate as many of the suggestions as possible.”

    The council is scheduled to convene into an executive session at the end of Tuesday’s meeting to discuss litigation.

    The council meeting will be preceded by a 6:45 p.m. Finance Committee meeting in the same location.

    Both meeting are open to the public for in-person attendance and will be streamed live on the city’s YouTube channel, where past meeting recordings are stored.

    For more information call the City of Riverton at 856-2227.


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