Meet Mabel Applehans – Westward Heights November Resident of the Month

    This month, we’re excited to introduce you to a remarkable soul who radiates joy and positivity, Mabel Applehans! Mabel’s life journey is filled with adventures, laughter, and a profound love for family and community. Let’s delve into her extraordinary story!

    Wanderlust Childhood
    Mabel’s early years were marked by constant movement, following her dad to the ever-shifting oil fields for work. It was a nomadic life, filled with adventure, new faces, and the thrill of exploration.

    Saddle Up for Childhood Adventures
    In the company of her brother Willard, five years her senior, Mabel reveled in the magic of childhood. They rode stick horses, created imaginative worlds with cars and trucks, and found joy in the simple pleasures of play.

    Precious Memories
    Mabel’s happiest memories revolve around the carefree days of playing with her younger siblings: Ila, John, Shirley, and Vada. Their bond was unbreakable, a testament to the enduring power of family ties.

    A Cafe Maven with a Smile
    Mabel’s first foray into the working world was at a charming cafe. She rolled up her sleeves and did dishes at Chopping’s Cafe and waitressed once in a while. She was a wonderful employee and would help out wherever they needed her. What she cherished most about her job was the opportunity to meet and greet a diverse array of people, sharing smiles, and creating connections.

    A Timeless Journey
    If Mabel could hop into a time machine, she’d choose to revisit the 1930s, an era of pure freedom, shared laughter, and friendship with siblings and schoolmates. It’s a testament to her enduring love for simpler times and cherished memories.

    Words of Wisdom
    Mabel’s life advice is as simple as it is profound: “Look after others instead of yourself – don’t be a snob.” It’s a reflection of her innate kindness and selflessness.

    Generations of Love
    As she’s grown older, Mabel has been rewarded with the pure joy of great and great-great-grandchildren. These little ones are a living testament to her enduring legacy, a reminder of the love that keeps on giving.

    Mabel holding her great-great-grandson, Beckett.

    Family First
    Mabel’s pride and joy are her family. They hold the most sacred place in her heart, a testament to her unwavering devotion to her loved ones.

    Mabel and her daughter Carla.

    Carla says of her mother, “Mom absolutely adores ALL of her family. She raised 7 children. She has 13 grandchildren, 29 great-grandchildren, and 14 great-great-grandchildren.”

    Carla visits her mother every Saturday to spend the day with her and curl her hair. Mabel’s room is a testament to her love for family. She made sure all of her family photos came with her to Westward Heights. She has a wall dedicated to senior pictures and school pictures. From generation to generation, it is a wall full of so much love.

    Happiness, Hair, and Kickball
    Mabel’s happiness is contagious. Whether she’s playing with her great-great-grandchildren, getting pampered with hair and nail treatments, playing a spirited game of kickball, or grooving to the tunes of Gene Autry, her laughter and zest for life is simply infectious.

    She loves wearing her tiara and the staff will refer to her as the “Queen of Westward Heights”.

    The Queen of Westward Heights.

    Christmas Magic
    Her favorite holiday? Christmas, without a doubt. Mabel’s Christmas tradition of giving generously is a tradition she’d love to see carried forward, a legacy of love and goodwill.

    Expressions of Joy
    Mabel’s favorite expressions, “golly molly” and “holy moly,” perfectly capture her vivacious spirit and endless enthusiasm for life.

    A Heartwarming Home
    Mabel’s heartwarming perspective on Westward Heights is a testament to the sense of community that thrives within these walls. She cherishes the people, whom she describes as “wonderful,” and the heartfelt “I love you” she receives daily. The delicious food is another reason for her joy.

    “We are so happy that Mom is living at Westward Heights,” said daughter, Carla. “They are so good to her and the caretakers are like family to her!”

    Laughter and Connection
    What makes Mabel happiest is the simple act of being with others. The ability to laugh, joke, and share stories is a treasure she holds close to her heart.

    Mabel Applehans is a true gem, a beacon of love, laughter, and family values at Westward Heights. Her life is a testament to the power of connection, kindness, and cherishing the simple joys in life. She’s not just a resident; she’s part of the heart that is our community. Here’s to Mabel, our Resident of the Month, a living testament to the beauty of living life to the fullest!

    Mabel will be celebrating her birthday on November 19th. Let’s all wish her a very Happy Birthday!!

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