McDonald’s is strengthening community bonds – Meet and Greet with Lander Police Department

    Recently, McDonald’s extended its morning hospitality beyond its golden arches to the Lander Police Department (LPD) for a special Breakfast Meet and Greet. The event was marked by a warm exchange over steaming cups of coffee and an array of delicious breakfast sandwiches, fostering not just camaraderie but also discussions about future collaborations between McDonald’s and the LPD.

    One notable initiative highlighted during the event was McDonald’s ongoing support for the LPD’s safety efforts within the community. McDonald’s supplies the LPD with free ice cream cone cards, a token of appreciation to reward kids who demonstrate safe biking practices by wearing helmets. Additionally, McDonald’s assists the LPD by providing bike helmets for various community events where the department distributes them to children.

    The gathering served as a platform for brainstorming future endeavors aimed at enhancing community safety and engagement. Among these initiatives is the eagerly anticipated “Coffee with a Cop” event, scheduled to take place at McDonald’s on Wednesday, April 24th. Residents are invited to drop by the McDonald’s in Lander that morning for an opportunity to connect with their local law enforcement officers over a cup of coffee.

    Reflecting on the event, Captain Kelly Waugh expressed gratitude on behalf of the Lander PD for McDonald’s partnership and unwavering support. “Lander PD would like to thank McDonald’s for partnering with us and supporting us in our efforts to make Lander a great place to live and, most importantly, for our community to feel safe,” remarked Captain Waugh.

    The morning was filled with good cheer and laughter as officers, McDonald’s representatives, and Lander Mayor, Monte Richardson engaged in lively conversations. It was evident that beyond fostering professional relationships, such gatherings play a pivotal role in nurturing the sense of unity and mutual respect between law enforcement and the community they serve.

    As McDonald’s continues to extend its reach beyond its traditional role as a purveyor of fast food, events like these underscore the company’s commitment to being an integral part of the communities it serves. By collaborating with local law enforcement agencies like the Lander PD, McDonald’s not only strengthens its ties with the community but also contributes to the collective effort of making neighborhoods safer and more vibrant places to live. These events exemplify unity’s power in fostering a safer, more connected community.

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