LPC stresses ‘proper channels for surrendering animals’ after mother cat, kittens abandoned in plastic tote at their door

    (Lander, WY) – A mother cat and six kittens were recently illegally abandoned in a plastic tote on the front doorsteps of the Lander Pet Connection, according to an October 19 post on their Facebook page, and the LPC is now reminding residents that there are “proper channels for animal surrender.”

    “We are saddened to report a distressing incident that occurred earlier today,” the post states. “A heartless individual deliberately abandoned a plastic tote filled with kittens in our parking lot at Lander Pet Connection. This act has not only caused immense harm but also resulted in significant challenges for our dedicated Animal Care Staff.”

    The post goes on to share that LPC workers discovered the tote after the parking lot was empty, thinking it was a donation of some kind.


    When the workers opened the tote, they were “met with the heart-wrenching sight of a terrified mother cat who managed to escape” the post continues. “As a result, six innocent kittens are now left orphaned and frightened.”

    The LPC went on to call the act “reprehensible” and shared that the kittens are being temporarily housed in the LPC kitchen, as they are running out of space to accommodate other kittens in need.

    “We cannot stress enough how hurtful and damaging such behavior is,” the post concludes. “Not only does it impact our hardworking staff, but it also puts additional strain on our existing cat program. We urge everyone to remember that there are proper channels for surrendering animals and breaking the law to force them into our care is unacceptable. We want to help, but we need this community’s help and cooperation to do so.”


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