Lander residents may experience discolored water on Monday

    The City of Lander is advising residents that they may encounter cloudy or discolored water on Monday, March 11, 2024. This temporary condition is a result of necessary adjustments associated with the ongoing reconstruction of the Ellis water tank. The City’s staff will be re-routing flows, potentially causing cloudiness or discoloration in various parts of Lander.

    Water cloudiness or discoloration can occur when flow directions are shifted, which can disturb sediment within the system. We want to assure residents that although the water may appear cloudy or discolored, it remains safe to drink.

    What to do if you experience cloudy or discolored water:

    • Do not be alarmed: Cloudy or discolored water may look unusual, but it meets drinking water standards.
    • Let the water run: If you encounter cloudy or discolored water, we recommend allowing your taps to run for a short period. This will help flush out any sediment that may have been stirred up during the flow adjustments.
    • Water safety: Rest assured, the water remains safe for all normal uses, including drinking.

    The City of Lander appreciates your understanding and cooperation during this necessary infrastructure improvement. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please reach out to City Hall.

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