Lander Police Department Chief shares letter with residents

The Lander Police Department Chief of Police Thomas Shroyer shared the below message today, April 1st.


To the citizens of Lander,

I would like to pass on a few thoughts and express some concerns in this uncertain time. I am very thankful to the citizens who have been adhering to the Fremont County Public Health and Governor Gordon’s orders for social distancing, reducing gatherings and trying to keep our citizens healthy. I know these are trying times and we want to have our freedoms to gather and interact as a community, run your businesses and help out as much as you can.

As Lander’s Chief of Police, I would like to request all citizens to comply with these orders, even if you do not agree with them. When we receive a complaint from a citizen or business about someone who is not in compliance, I have to send our officers to investigate the complaint, causing undue risk of exposure to you, your family and our officers. We are trying to help educate when we get a complaint of non-compliance. If the problem persists, criminal charges may be warranted to help protect this community, for citizens of ALL ages.

If you see a business or gathering that you do not think is in compliance, please call the Lander Police Department at 307-332-3131. Please do this when you see an event or something on a social media platform. Please do not wait two or three days later to report it.

The Lander Police Department continues to respond to calls for service, but we have limited some of our services. If a report can be made by telephone, please do so instead of calling for an officer to respond to your house or business. If you need an officer to respond to your house or business for an emergency, please call 911 and one will be dispatched as soon as possible.

I am asking all citizens to help us in these uncertain times by keeping a watch on your neighborhood and on open and closed businesses. I think as a whole, the Lander community is doing what it needs to do during this time. I am concerned about a rise in property crimes. That is why I am asking for your help.

As a community, we can keep helping one another even when we cannot be next to one another. We as a community are at our strongest when we are at peril. (We can call a loved one or an elderly person in your neighborhood, just to check on them, see if they have enough food or just to talk to someone.) We will continue to grow stronger as this community deals with this pandemic.

Lastly, I want to thank all of the businesses and private citizens who have donated to the first responders in our city. I know my department and I are always thankful for the community when they share their thoughts and concerns for Lander’s fire fighters, emergency medical personnel and law enforcement officers. Thank You!

We at the Lander Police Department continue to try and provide a very high level of professional service to our community. Whether you are a private citizen or a business owner, we want to reassure everyone the Lander Police Department is here and still performing our duties to serve and protect our city.