Journey to a more confident smile – Ava’s Smile Story

    Olsen Orthodontics wants you to see how amazing an orthodontic experience can be. And there’s absolutely nothing more amazing than seeing that smile at the end.

    I believe that a smile can change a life and has the power to transform someone’s confidence, and being able to provide that to my patients is a wonderful privilege. Dr. Marc Olsen

    There’s no better way to show you than through the eyes of someone who’s been there. This is Ava’s smile story.

    Ava was the typical child who just didn’t like how her smile looked.

    “My story is simple and pretty common, my teeth were crooked and I wanted a smile that looked better,” said Ava.

    Early on, she knew she wanted to get braces to fix her teeth but she was too young at that point to get the process started. Once she did reach the right age for her braces, they had to wait an extra 6 months for some molars to come out. You can imagine how frustrating this could be for a young girl but Ava persisted.

    While looking for an orthodontist, there were several factors to consider. Ava knew exactly what she wanted and had several consultations with other orthodontists before choosing Dr. Olsen.

    “I wanted to feel heard by the orthodontist and I wanted to be able to start and finish (hopefully) treatment while in middle school rather than having braces in high school,” stated Ava. “I was scared of the possible pain from having braces. Dr. Olsen and his staff were really open about any pain/discomfort I would have which made me feel more comfortable.”

    Once the braces were on, some of the changes happened quickly while others took some time. Ava was most excited that she could see how quickly her top teeth straightened. “I had treatment for an overbite but that change wasn’t nearly as noticeable,” Ava reflected.

    When asked if there were any pleasant surprises during treatment, Ava exclaimed, “I was pleasantly surprised how much it changed my smile in a good way!” Of course, the most impactful moment was when the braces finally came off.

    “I finally got to see the true change in how I looked and instantly had more confidence in my smile.”

    Ava’s advice to others considering orthodontic treatment is, “It’s worth going through braces, the rubberband changes, and all the adjustments because it really makes a difference in the end.”

    The best part of it all is the confidence boost it gives young people at a critical point in their lives. When asked how treatment transformed her life, the answer was simple.

    “I have so much more confidence now than I did before!”

    Ready to start your own smile journey? Visit the website or call (307) 332-9136 for a free consultation today! Your journey to a healthy, more beautiful smile begins now.

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