Join the Excitement: How to Enter the Fremont County Fair and Showcase Your Talents

    The Fremont County Fair is an annual celebration that brings together community members from all walks of life. Whether you have a knack for baking, gardening, creating beautiful crafts, or raising livestock, the fair offers a platform for you to showcase your skills and talents. Many are unaware that the fair is available to all Fremont County residents. The process of entering the fair might be a daunting task if it’s something new, but everyone is invited to enter the fair! Whether you make mouthwatering cookies, have a green thumb, or possess a creative hobby that deserves recognition, get your entries in to the Fremont County Fair!

    Categories for Everyone
    The Fremont County Fair embraces a diverse range of talents and interests. Regardless of your expertise, there is a category that will suit your abilities and passion. Here are a few examples of the categories available:

    Baking Delights: If your family raves about your cookies, cakes, or pies, the fair is the perfect opportunity to put your baking skills to the test. Enter the baking competition and have your delectable desserts judged by experts and appreciated by fair attendees.

    Green Thumb Glory: For those with green thumbs, the fair provides a chance to exhibit the fruits of your labor. Whether you have a bountiful vegetable garden or a collection of stunning flowers, the horticulture category is a fantastic platform to display your gardening prowess.

    Crafty Creations: If you have a creative hobby, such as cross-stitching, sewing, quilting, painting, or photography, the fair offers an avenue to showcase your talents. Enter the craft competition and let your imagination run wild. Your unique creations will surely capture the attention of fairgoers.

    Preserving Perfection: Do you make the most delicious pickles or preserve fruits and vegetables in unique and flavorful ways? Consider entering the preservation category, where you can demonstrate your skills in pickling, canning, or creating delightful jams and jellies.

    Livestock and Pets: The fair is not only about showcasing talents, but it also celebrates the dedication of those involved in the raising livestock. If you raise animals small or large, or have a beloved pet with exceptional abilities, the fair offers various competitions for you to participate in.

    Kidz Zone: This is a special category for the youngest participants, kids 8 and under. There are categories from largest carrot to holiday art project to lego creations. Don’t miss out on getting the little ones in on the fun too.

    Getting Involved

    To enter the Fremont County Fair, there are a few steps you need to follow:

    Competition Guide: Start by visiting the Fremont County Fair website to access the competition guide. This guide provides detailed information about the categories available, entry rules, and judging criteria. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines specific to your area of interest.

    Entry Forms: Once you have chosen the categories you wish to participate in, obtain the respective entry forms from the fair’s website and enter here. Fill out the required information accurately and ensure that you adhere to any submission deadlines.

    Prepare Your Entry: Depending on your chosen category, you may need to prepare your baked goods, gather your horticultural exhibits, or ensure your craft or photography submissions are in top-notch condition. Pay attention to any special instructions mentioned in the competition guide. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call the fair office at 307-856-6611.

    Deliver Your Entry: On the designated dates specified by the fair, deliver your entry to the designated location. Ensure that you follow any packaging or presentation guidelines to showcase your entry in the best possible light.

    The Fremont County Fair is a wonderful opportunity to share your talents and passions with the community. Whether you excel in baking, gardening, crafting, or working with animals, the fair provides a platform for you to display your skills and receive recognition for your efforts. By following the competition guide and completing the necessary entry forms, you can enter your chosen categories and participate in this exciting event. Embrace the spirit of the fair, meet fellow enthusiasts, and create lasting memories as you become a part of this cherished annual tradition.

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