Is your family ready for Medicaid and Kid Care CHIP renewals?

    To make sure you receive notices, ensure your contact information is current

    Enroll Wyoming wants to remind families covered by Wyoming Medicaid and Kid Care CHIP (Child Health Insurance Program) to make sure Wyoming Medicaid has their current contact information. It is important that those who participate in these programs visit or call 855-294-2127, where they can update their contact details.

    It’s also important for families to watch their mail to reapply for benefits during annual renewals. If families receive renewal notices, they should respond and complete the renewal forms. Free assistance is available for those who need help with renewals or finding affordable health insurance. Visit or dial 211 to get free help with renewals or find alternative health coverage.

    The Wyoming Department of Health is reviewing the eligibility of the more than 80,000 people enrolled in Medicaid. Many who are covered by Wyoming Medicaid or Kid Care CHIP have never gone through the renewal process before because it was paused in 2020 to provide pandemic relief. Following new requirements passed by Congress, the annual reviews resumed this spring.

    In addition, remember that just because one member of a household does not qualify for coverage, it doesn’t mean that everyone is ineligible. Children may still qualify for Medicaid or Kid Care CHIP even if their parents do not. To see maximum benefits, check the eligibility of everyone in your home.

    If someone is no longer eligible for Medicaid or Kid Care CHIP coverage, and does not have alternative coverage like job-based insurance, they may qualify for savings in the Health Insurance Marketplace. It was created so more people could afford quality health coverage.

    Free help is available to reapply for Wyoming Medicaid or Kid Care CHIP or explore alternative options like marketplace health insurance. Enroll Wyoming has skilled experts who help families make informed decisions.

    “Enroll Wyoming is a nonprofit group offering completely free assistance to people who need help navigating their health care options,” Navigator Erik Saulness said.

    Enroll Wyoming calls its workers “navigators” because they guide people through health insurance complications. Navigators do not have sales incentives or sales quotas. They simply identify options and opportunities so families can decide what best suits their needs.

    Visit or dial 211 to get free help with renewals or find alternative health coverage. The consequences of losing health insurance can be costly.

    “Please take the time to confirm your contact information with Wyoming Medicaid,” Enroll Wyoming Program Manager Jason Mincer said.

    He said no one wants families to miss renewals and be surprised when paying for a prescription or visiting a doctor’s office. Instead, they should get all the support and information they need.

    You do not have to go through the Wyoming Medicaid or Kid Care CHIP renewal process alone. Enroll Wyoming is here to help.

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