HD 34 Representative Salazar looks to lower prescription drug costs

The 2020 State of Wyoming Legislative Session begins on February 10th, next week. During the 24-day session, legislators from across the state will convene in Cheyenne for the Budget Session and Joint Session.

Fremont County’s House District 34 (Riverton, Pavillion, Kinnear, Jeffrey City, Dubois & Crowheart) Representative Tim Salazar announced his plan to bring legislation to the table that focuses on the rising prescription drug costs.

Below is what Salazar shared about the legislation:


‘I am announcing today I will be bringing legislation this month to study the feasibility of importation of prescription drugs to Wyoming for the purpose of lowering costs to our citizens. This bill seeks free-market solutions. This legislation would direct the WY Department of Health to study the feasibility of a prescription drug importation program for possible implementation in Wyoming for cost savings.’

‘Since Congress has not acted to help the shocking rise of prescription drug prices, it has fallen to state legislatures and their 10th Amendment Rights to explore opening up state markets for importation of drugs that meet U.S. quality standards &; let Wyoming citizens attain the same cost savings as consumers in other countries.’

‘Seniors & parents of children make daily critical decisions on whether they can or cannot afford prescription drugs. This bill seeks to help them. All imported drugs would have to be tested for authenticity and safety and be labeled for sale in the U.S. All drugs would also have to be FDA approved.’

‘This proposal, I believe, will help many of my constituents who live on fixed incomes, working families & those who have no health insurance.’


County 10 chatted with Salazar and Senate District 25 Senator Cale Case last month about what is on their radar for 2020. You can read more about that by clicking here.

You can browse the 2020 Bills that will be discussed in the upcoming session by clicking here.


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