Greenhouse gas emission goals, half cent funding recommendations on Lander City Council agenda for Tuesday

    The Lander City Council will hold a regular meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 12, in the City Council Chambers at 240 Lincoln Street.

    The agenda includes a presentation by Kathi Averill on greenhouse gas emissions during communication from the floor.

    Later in the meeting, the council will consider approving a resolution setting greenhouse gas emission goals for 2030 and 2040.


    The resolution says the city will “strive to modify and design municipal government operations and facilities to reduce municipal greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, and improve cost savings,” and it establishes the following greenhouse gas emission reduction goals for its operations, using 2021 as a baseline:
    -20 percent emissions reduction by 2030
    -50 percent emissions reduction by 2040

    “Progress towards these goals and consideration of new goals will be evaluated every five years,” the resolution states, directing city staff to work with the Lander Energy and Environment Task Force “to create an implementation plan to meet these goals.”

    LEDA recommendations

    The council will also consider approving two recommendations from the Lander Economic Development Association this week.  

    The first is LEDA’s recommendation for funding from the Lander Investment for the Future program.


    The program received seven requests for funding this quarter totaling $428,130, LEDA said.

    Only four applicants were deemed eligible for the program, however, including:
    -Radiant Wellness, which requested $10,096 to help “provide a variety of treatment services to address mental and physical wellbeing”
    -Rising Star Gymnastics, which requested $28,500 for “new cutting-edge equipment” to help them host a state competition
    -The Woodland Conservation Fund/Schultejann Properties LLC, which requested $50,000 to help restore the historic Lander High School building at 569 Garfield Street
    -Onsite Laundry and Showers, which requested $100,000 for a proposed laundromat and shower facility at 680 Main Street

    With $300,523 available to distribute, LEDA recommended:
    -full funding for Radiant Wellness and Rising Star Gymnastics
    -$37,500 for the historic Lander High School building
    -no funding for the onsite laundry and showers


    LEDA’s second recommendation to the council this week is to suspend the LIFT program, recognizing “that there is a cooperative group of organizations that are currently working to identify focused economic development objectives or our community.”

    “LEDA believes that economic development objectives and goals for the community should be established prior to the awarding of future grants so that the LIFT program, or other economic development programs, can be tailored to meet those objectives,” the recommendation states.

    Other action items on Tuesday’s agenda include:
    -approve an ordinance on third reading vacating a partial alley
    -approve and authorize the mayor to sign an agreement with Paymerang for vendor payment services
    -approve and authorize the mayor to sign an $84.40 change order for a pavement maintenance project
    -approve and authorize the mayor to sign a new lease agreement with the Lander Golf Course


    The council is also scheduled to have a closed executive session on “potential land acquisition.”

    Tuesday’s meeting is open to the public for in-person attendance and will be streamed live on Zoom (Meeting ID: 886 9443 4512 Passcode: 229630).

    Past meeting recordings are available here.

    For more information, call the City of Lander at 332-2870.


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