Fremont County employment, payroll rose compared to last year, state says

    A report from the Research and Planning section of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services shows total employment in Wyoming rose by 6,814 jobs, or 2.5 percent, between the second quarter of 2022 and the second quarter of 2023.

    The report indicates that the largest job growth statewide occurred in:
    -professional and business services (1,249 jobs, or 6 percent)
    -local government, including public schools, colleges and hospitals (1,105 jobs, or 2.5 percent)
    -mining, including oil and gas (916 jobs, or 5.7 percent)
    -leisure and hospitality (729 jobs, or 1.9 percent)
    -construction (693 jobs, or 3.2 percent)

    “Sizeable” job gains were also seen in health care and social assistance (529 jobs, or 2.1 percent), transportation and warehousing (339 jobs, or 3.5 percent), federal government (302 jobs, or 3.9 percent), wholesale trade (272 jobs, or 3.5 percent), and manufacturing (269 jobs, or 2.7 percent), according to the report, which shows a statewide payroll increase of $266.8 million, or 7.2 percent.


    Fremont County

    The report says employment rose in 19 counties and fell in four counties between the second quarter of 2022 and the second quarter of 2023.

    In Fremont County, employment rose by 343 jobs, or 2.2 percent, and total payroll increased by $10.9 million, or 6. 1 percent, according to state data.

    The state recorded 15,786 total jobs in Fremont County for the second quarter of this year, including 10,145 in the private sector (up from 9,979 last year), 4,610 for local government (up from 4,435 last year), 615 for state government (up from 614 last year), and 416 for the federal government (up from 415 last year).

    The largest increase in private sector jobs in Fremont County occurred in the professional and technical services industry, which gained 45 jobs, or 10.4 percent, according to the data.


    Other increases in the private sector were seen in retail trades (31 jobs, or 1.7 percent), private educational services (28 jobs, or 7 percent), administrative and waste services (27 jobs, or 13.2 percent), and “other services” (17 jobs, or 4.9 percent).

    The mining sector lost the most private sector jobs locally (26 jobs, or 5.8 percent).

    The largest increase in local government jobs occurred in the educational services sector, which grew by 64 jobs, or 3 percent.


    Other sectors of local government lost jobs, like utilities (down by 4, or 12.9 percent) and public administration (down by 5, or .4 percent).

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