Fremont County Commission adopts strategic plan for Hillcrest Drive; Lander City Council to consider approval as well

    The Fremont County Commission has adopted a strategic plan for Hillcrest Drive and is moving forward with engineering designs for the project, the Lander City Council heard this week.

    Assistant mayor RaJean Strube Fossen said she will present more information about the strategic plan during an upcoming work session so the council can decide whether to adopt the document as well.

    City involvement

    Lander has been involved in the strategic planning process for Hillcrest Drive “all along,” Strube Fossen noted, pointing out that “30 percent of the length of the study area is in city limits.”


    The city participated in the strategic plan study using funding from the Wyoming Department of Transportation, she said.

    Lander’s current budget doesn’t include any more funding for further work on the Hillcrest Drive plan, Strube Fossen added, but when she met with commissioners this week, she told them that “we would have time to get it in … for the next fiscal year” and that “we were willing to participate at the same partnership level (as) we did for the study.”

    Councilmember Dan Hahn asked that the council be given more opportunities to discuss the Hillcrest plan before “we commit to something.”

    “It seems the city has said (we’re) ready to jump on board with that project,” he said. “We need to have the conversations here, in front of the council and with the council, before we make promises to the county.”


    For more information call the City of Lander at 332-2870.


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