Flash floods near Dubois caused two recent rescues

(Dubois, WY) – Sheriff Ryan Lee reported to the Fremont County Commissioners Tuesday that two separate rescues occurred in the East Fork Drainage near Dubois in the past few days.

The first happened around 3 pm on Saturday, June 10. Two adults were able to get out of a vehicle that became submerged in the river due to flash flooding. Deputies arrived and were able to throw them their own life jackets.

“I’m not sure how they affected the rescue, but it was done without any issues,” Lee stated at the meeting.


The second happened around 4 pm on Monday, June 13. The vehicle became trapped in Bain Draw with two adults and three children. They were able to get to high ground and they were saved without incident.

“We ask people to be aware,” Lee said of the afternoon storms that bring heavy rainfall.


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