Easter may be over but the big sale at Gambles just keeps going!

Hey Fremont County! It’s Shane at Gambles. I can’t TELL you how happy it makes me that I’m back to talk to you so soon!

After more than a year of supply problems, the manufacturers are literally sending me everything all at once….I’m actually not kidding.

“A truck every 8 weeks,” they said….reality is that I’ve received 10 trucks in 30 DAYS. I’ve rented more warehouse space and still have living room furniture coming out my EARS.

Ears make a really good segue! Hey! (that’s a rhyme, in case you missed it. “Segue” and “hey” moving on)

Who else has ears? The EASTER BUNNY!

What does the Meester Easter leave beh….I made another rhyme “Meeste” and……sorry. What does the Easter Bunny leave behind? EASTER EGGS!!!

I mean…..well, maybe he lays them? That seems weird. That can’t be right…..one of the great mysteries of life….yikes, get back on track Shane. Easter eggs!

The Big Bunny himself (that’s me…) dropped off a bunch of Easter Egg gifts for our customers! ( again, that’s…that’s me. I’m sure you get it. Yeah, okay. I can just roll with it.)

Drop in and pick out some new upholstered living room furniture at Gamble’s, pick an egg from the basket and inside find 15-25% ADDITIONAL off the sale price.

Great brands are waiting for you down here like Flexsteel, England, La-Z-Boy, and Southern Motion. Just have a hop around the store and find something you like!

And as always, FREE delivery within 30 miles (that includes Riverton!).

Happy Easter, Fremont County!

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