Dubois Town Council to hold public hearing on short-term rental applications during regular meeting Wednesday

    The Dubois Town Council will hold a regular meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 9, in the Council Chambers at Dubois Town Hall, 712 Meckem Street.

    The agenda begins with a public hearing on short-term rental applications for 405 Hays Street and 100 Taylor Creek.

    The council will consider approving the short-term rental permits later in the meeting.


    The agenda notes that, if the two permits are approved, all 25 permits will have been issued.

    During public comment, the council will hear a request from local pickleball players who would like to paint four courts on the existing tennis courts at the town park.

    The council will consider authorizing the request later in the meeting.

    The Dubois Police Department will discuss the purchase of additional vehicles, and the council will hear a progress report from Moose Willow Soap Company and the Dubois Chamber of Commerce about the half percent economic development tax.


    Later, the council will consider approving the DPD vehicle purchase, which amounts to about $63,000 for three additional police vehicles, according to the agenda.

    The council will also consider approving the purchase of $11,721 in emergency equipment for DPD vehicles, the agenda states.

    Another action item related to the DPD involves local FBI reports to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS).


    “In order to comply with FBI standards … the records system must be updated by a certified NIBRS contractor who specializes in this field,” the agenda states.

    The council will consider approving an agreement with a contractor on Wednesday “to get the reporting caught up and maintained.”

    There are four action items on the agenda related to the Dubois Municipal Airport: Two involve hangar lot leases, and two involve payments for a taxi-lane extension project.


    Other action items on Wednesday’s agenda include:
    -an ordinance amending the “leasing property” portion of the town code
    -an ordinance vacating an alley of the Ramshorn Addition to the Town of Dubois
    -a budget line-item adjustment to purchase a new compact excavator
    -the Riverside Station Subdivision Leisenfeld Replat
    -a payment for the Barber Street Sewer Extension Project
    -appointments to the Dubois Board of Adjustment
    -a temporary catering permit
    -a mechanical service agreement renewal for the Headwaters Community Arts and Conference Center
    -a mechanical service agreement renewal for Dubois Town Hall
    -accounts payable
    -TAD Funds payables

    An executive session will be held before the meeting adjourns, according to the agenda.

    Wednesday’s meeting is open to the public for in-person attendance, and past meeting minutes are available here.

    For more information, call the Town of Dubois at 455-2345.


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