Debut of multi-jurisdictional Fremont County DUI Team a success, RPD reports

    (Riverton, WY) – The multi-jurisdictional Fremont County DUI Team debut over Halloween weekend, and according to a post shared on the Riverton Police Department facebook page, the endeavor was a wild success.

    The full post is below.

    “On Friday, October 27th, the DUI Task Force conducted an operation in Riverton with the participation of various agencies including Lander PD, Fremont County Sheriffs, Shoshoni PD, and Riverton PD. The team carried out 62 traffic stops, resulting in the arrest of three individuals for Driving While under the Influence and three others on warrant arrests. Additionally, the team issued 20 citations and provided several warnings to the drivers.


    “The impact of the officers was so significant that night, several younger drivers who were stopped told officers they were called and, on their way, to pick up their parents or were designated drivers for others. This shows how the efforts of the task force helped to prevent potentially dangerous situations.

    “The deployment of the team also had a positive impact on the overall safety of the Riverton Area. During the operation, the City of Riverton patrol division only received two calls for service, which is a considerable decrease from their regular Friday night call load.

    “This also means that no crashes or roadway fatalities occurred in the area during the event. It is noteworthy that the Riverton Police Department has not experienced only two calls on a Friday night in several years.

    “The combined efforts of the participating agencies in the operation ensured that the streets of Riverton were safe and that the potential dangers of drunk driving were minimized. This is the first of many operations in Riverton and throughout Fremont County.”


    To hear more about the DUI team from the man who spearheaded the project, check out the recent Coffee Time interview with Lander Police Department Chief Scott Peter.


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