CRAZY Back to School Savings at Gambles

    Hey Fremont County! It’s me, Shane from Gamble’s in Lander.

    If you have kids, like my wife Alisha and I, then there are two words that can strike fear into you like none other this time of year……….”It’s August!” – aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

    That means it’s time for…….suspenseful music plays……CRAZY PARENT to come out!! August is an interesting time of year.

    Even though we parents have had since the end of May to consider back-to-school needs, we just haven’t gotten there…..until August, when it becomes a biological imperative that we begin a literal whirlwind of

    • shopping

    • form filling

    • form submitting

    • complete freak out-ing

    • emotional eating

    • last minute activity-ing

    buying a new couch and kitchen appliance set….. Yes, back-to-school time is great. It’s a magical parental mix of

    • feeling overwhelmed

    • excited for new chapters

    • depressed the baby’s growing up

    • happy to get the little creatures out of our hair

    • sad that the little creatures will be out of our hair

    • guilty about all the things we didn’t do this summer

    • angry about the fortune we just spent on clothes and supplies

    • confused about the new schedules and school policy on ________

    • happy with the purchase of our new furniture and appliances…. Wait…. Furniture and appliances? Yeah, I snuck that in there. I think that since this time of year is always all about the kids AND that we take years off our lives prepping everything so they can go learn stuff… …maybe it’s time we should do our own back-to-school shopping! Are ya with me???!!!

    By this time in the ad, and if you’ve read this far, you’ve come to realize this is another attempt to make a sale fun and goofy. No one really likes it when a business says “we have stuff, you need stuff, come buy stuff.”

    So, I like to make it fun. So, you get the Gamble’s Back-To-School Sale!!!

    This is a two-parter guys….kind of like your kid and the new shoes you just bought. They loved them and the shoes fit in the store – now they hate them and say they’re uncomfortable….*sigh*….it’s just back-to-school time

    Back-to-School at Gamble’s!

    Save $100 on any upholstered furniture in the month of August

    Buy any upholstered furniture in the month of August and I’ll take $100 off the sale price. Most things are already marked down, so this is a great opportunity to save some real cash!

    Come grab a new couch set from Flex-Steel, a chair from England, a recliner from La-Z-Boy or Southern Motion. You need something comfortable to collapse in when you realize those little ones won’t need you anymore at some point. Yes, they grow up fast – so don’t wait for a comfy place to sit as a family and share those tender moments!

    August 10th – 23rd is Back-to-School Appliance Savings!!

    So many HUGE SAVINGS on appliances from Amana, Whirlpool, Maytag, and Kitchen Aid. There’s something for every household…

    ●  Laundry Set from Maytag – save up to $700

    ●  Laundry Set from Whirlpool – save up $580

    ●  4 Appliance Kitchen Suite from Kitchen Aid – Save 20-30%

    ●  Front Load Maytag Laundry Set – save $789!

    ●  And many more deals! Back-to-School time is tough on parents for a lot of reasons, but new furniture and appliances are something for PARENTS to get excited about when we hear “it’s August” aaaaaAAAAAAHHH! See you soon!

    Gambles on Main Street in Lander – remember delivery is always FREE within 30 miles of the store….which INCLUDES Riverton!

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