County 10 Law Enforcement Log: Riverton Police Department – May 8, 2024

    All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.

    Below are the most recent arrests and call blotters from publicly available reports provided directly by the Riverton Police Department. Click here for more details about the law enforcement logs.

    RPD Arrests:

    • Spoonhunter, Isaac, 41, Ethete, Public Intoxication, Available Narrative: RP advised of a passed out subject; “Isaac Spoonhunter, 41 yoa from Ethete was arrested for Public Intoxication with a BAC of .311”
    • Oldman, Floyd, 44, Riverton, Municipal Warrant, Available Narrative: RP advised of a subject who urinated on the sidewalk; “Officers located Floyd Oldman, 44 yoa from Riverton and arrested him on an active Riverton Municipal warrant”
    • Iron, Jeremiah, 35, Riverton, Open Container, Available Narrative: RP advised of an intoxicated subject refusing to leave; “Officers arrested Jeremiah Iron, 35 yoa from Riverton for Open Alcohol Container with a BAC of .122”
    • Cousineau, Michael, 45, Riverton, Criminal Trespass, Criminal Entry, Property Destruction, Available Narrative: RP advised they saw someone break into their neighbor’s home; “Officers located and arrested Michael Cousineau, 45 yoa from Riverton for Criminal Trespass, Criminal Entry and Property Destruction”
    • Dodge, Beth, 23, Arapahoe, Domestic Abuse, Available Narrative: RP advised of a subject yelling followed by a door slam; “Responding officers arrested Beth Dodge, 23 yoa from Arapahoe for Domestic Abuse after it was determined she had struck a 25 yoa male household member in the face”
    • Tso, Kristy, 29, Riverton, Public Intoxication, Property Destruction, Available Narrative: RP advised they were beat up; “Responding officer determined that no assault had taken place but the RP had cut her hand punching out a window. Kristy Tso, 29 yoa from Riverton was arrested for Public Intoxication and Property Destruction for having broken a window valued at $500”

    RPD Citations and Other Notable Calls:

    • Theft: Mary Anne Drive, 8:04 AM, Available Narrative: RP advised of a theft; “RP’s vehicle was parked at a residence and sometime during the night of 5/6-7/24 someone gained entry and stole a wallet with papers in it and some prescription medications. A report was taken”
    • Vicious Animal: Blackfoot Ave., 1:32 PM, Available Narrative: RP advised a dog attempted to bite them; “Animal Control officer cited a 16 yoa Riverton Girl, who had been warned several times before, for Harboring a Vicious Animal”
    • Warrant Service: N Federal Blvd., 1:51 PM, Available Narrative: “WARRANT AND CITATION SERVED ON CHARLES GARCIA, 50 yoa from Ethete in Riverton Municipal Court”
    • Sexual Assault: Riverton Area, 3:08 PM, Available Narrative: “A report has been taken and an investigation has been initiated”
    • Theft: E Lincoln Ave., 5:00 AM, Available Narrative: R advised of a stolen truck; “Involvements show the plate number of the stolen vehicle is Wyoming #11-27370 but there is no narration on this yet”

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