County 10 Law Enforcement Log: Fremont County Sheriff’s Office – October 17, 2023

    All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.

    Below are the most recent arrests and call blotters from publicly available reports provided directly by the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office. Click here for more details about the law enforcement logs.

    FCSO Arrests:

    • Spoonhunter, Layha, 33, Ethete, Fremont County Warrant x2, No Narrative Available

    FCSO Citations and Other Notable Calls:

    • Susp Pers/Circu: E Monroe Ave, Riverton, 1:20 PM, Available Narrative: The front door is ajar
    • Ambu/Med Assist: Dubois, 3:23 PM, Available Narrative: M wrecked mower into river; laying on bank
    • Fire Dept Assist: Paradise Valley Road, Riverton, 6:39 PM, Available Narrative: Someone lit a car on fire
    • Animal Abuse: Riverton, 7:01 PM, Available Narrative: Believes her landlord spray painted her dog’s face while she was at work

    Additional Information Provided by the FCSO:

    The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office reports over the past 24 hours the Fremont County Emergency Dispatch Center has taken 46 calls for service. During that same time period, the county’s ambulances have been dispatched 20 times and the county’s fire departments have been dispatched 2 times. 


    During that same time period, the Sheriff’s Office took 0 call(s) involving motor vehicle accidents with 0 of them reporting injuries and 0 of them reporting property damage. 

    10 person(s) were (was) booked into the Fremont County Detention Center for charges including 0 Driving While Under The Influence, 0 other alcohol related charge, 6 felony charges, and 11 misdemeanor charges. The Fremont County Detention Center currently has 149 inmates it is responsible for. Of these, 144 are being held in the Fremont County Detention Center, O are on home detention out of the facility, and 5 inmates are being housed out of the facility.


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