Congresswoman Harriet Hageman tours Wind River Job Corps

    (Riverton, WY) – Wind River Job Corps shared they had the pleasure of giving Congresswoman Harriet Hageman a tour of their wonderful campus.

    The Business Engagement Coordinator (BEC), staff members, and two Student
    Government Association (SGA) Students lead the Congresswoman through the trade building, starting with Heavy Truck Driving and working their way through each of the nine trades.

    The Congresswoman was so kind to stop and speak with instructors and every student that was in trade that day. She asked each student where they were from, what they liked about their trade and Job Corps, where they were headed after graduation and if they planned on staying in Wyoming.

    As they made their way through the trades, BEC Jerri Prejean, informed Congresswoman Hageman about Wind River Job Corps career opportunities they provided to Wyoming’s youth in poverty. Prejean also explained how the graduates from their program helped increase workforce development in Wyoming.

    Congresswoman Harriet Hageman was very receptive to their program and stated she would help us get the word out about their wonderful program and promised she would return for a second tour in the future.

    “Thank you, Congresswoman Harriet Hageman, for touring Wind River Job Corps. We enjoyed having you on our Campus.”

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