City of Lander winter snow removal plan

    As we head into winter, the City of Lander has released its 2022-2023 snow removal plan and helpful reminders.

    An interactive snow removal plan map can be found here: c130f52

    Routes are prioritized to focus on emergency and school routes first. The remaining routes will be handled as work crews and conditions allow. We appreciate your patience as our work crews are often navigating a variety of needs during a storm. Sometimes our equipment becomes faulty and we are not able to remove snow as quickly as the citizens would like. Please use caution around snow removal crews. It is also helpful if you do not drive through the snow piled in the center of the streets.

    It is also important to remember to clear your snow on residential property. If you push the snow from your driveway and sidewalk into the city street, it increases the risk of emergency vehicles, you, and your neighbors getting stuck in the street.

    For your safety and the safety of your neighbors, please follow these snow removal tips:

    • Dumping of residential snow is not allowed on any city street or city property.
    • Please keep all fire hydrants and emergency routes clear of snow.
    • Remove the snow as soon as possible after an event.
    • Remember to shovel the sidewalk area on your property even if you do not have concrete sidewalk underneath where people may walk.
    • Removal of snow is still required for empty lots.
    • Please do not plow the city street in front of your residence.
    • You can remove snow from the concrete gutter section (18-24 inches wide) into the street to allow for proper snowmelt drainage.
    • The City does not have permits available for residential property owners to push their snow into the street.
    • The City will be able to move more snow and ice in front of your residence for better drainage if you do not park vehicles in the street during snow events.

    h/t City of Lander

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