City of Lander urges residents to take precautions against freezing pipes

    In light of the anticipated temperatures in the 20s this week, the City of Lander emphasizes the importance of ongoing measures to prevent frozen pipes. Following incidents of frozen pipes in several homes over the weekend, residents are urged to remain vigilant in safeguarding their water lines.

    To prevent freezing, it is recommended to run a steady stream of water, equivalent to a pencil lead, in the farthest sink from the water meter. This simple action is generally effective in preventing water lines from freezing. Further guidance on when it is safe to discontinue this practice will be communicated by the City. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

    A reminder from January 11, 2024:

    Residents are advised to run water as the frost level in City streets approaches four feet deep. Residential customers with a 5/8″ meter are entitled to an additional 2,000 gallons of water per billing period at no extra charge, raising the base rate to 6,000 gallons in February bills. Note that this allowance excludes trailer parks and apartment houses on master meters without individual billing.

    Resolution 1319, passed by the City Council on January 9, 2024, grants the temporary waiver of additional water usage fees during emergency situations, at the discretion of the Public Works Director. If you have specific water usage needs or are in an area prone to freezing, contact City Hall at 332-2870 to connect with the Public Works Director.

    For those with shallow water service lines or a history of freezing pipes, it is advisable to run water to prevent freezing. Keep in mind that you own your water service up to the connection within the street. The City’s water supply, sourced from the Middle Fork of the

    Popo Agie River at nearly freezing temperatures, can turn to ice with a slight drop in temperature.

    In addition to running water, consider opening kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to facilitate warmer air circulation around plumbing fixtures. Ensure harmful cleaners and household chemicals are out of reach of children and pets. Another preventive measure is to run water on faucets along exterior walls or infrequently used spaces to maintain water flow throughout your house.

    The City will issue further updates and guidance, including when it is safe to discontinue running water. Your proactive efforts contribute to the collective well-being of our community.

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