City of Lander releases public notice about running water

    The frost level in the ground has almost reached 4 feet deep in the City Streets. If you have a shallow water service line or have had problems with your water freezing in the past, you may want to run water to avoid freezing pipes. Remember that you own your water service to the connection within the street. The City’s water supply comes directly from the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River at nearly freezing temperatures and it does not take much of a drop in temperature to turn water to ice.

    Running a stream of water the size of a pencil lead in the farthest sink from the water meter is all that is necessary in most cases to stop your line from freezing. The City will issue another release when it is safe to stop running water.

    Approval to waive additional water usage fees will need City Council approval and is on the January 9, 2024 agenda. It is still suggested that you run water if you have had freezing issues in the past to avoid damage to your lines.

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