Celebrating Kathy Vickery – Resident of the Month at Westward Heights

    In the heart of Lander, there’s a special place that’s been home to remarkable individuals like Kathy Vickery. At Westward Heights Care Center, we take immense pride in celebrating the unique stories and vibrant personalities of our residents. This September, we are thrilled to introduce you to Kathy Vickery, our Resident of the Month. Kathy’s journey from a small town in Iowa to her cherished moments in Lander is a testament to the incredible life stories that grace our community.

    Kathy’s roots trace back to a close-knit community in Iowa, where everyone knew each other’s names, and life was simple and beautiful. Her memories are filled with the laughter of childhood, riding horses with neighbor girls, and playing hide and seek until the stars lit up the night sky. In those days, bell bottoms were all the rage, and Kathy began her journey into the working world by babysitting, marking the beginning of her lifelong passion for caring for others.

    One of Kathy’s fondest memories was her time as a medical assistant, working alongside two dedicated doctors. Her experiences in healthcare nurtured her compassionate spirit, leaving an indelible mark on her life. As a teenager, she took on challenging outdoor jobs in Iowa, walking beans and detasseling corn, demonstrating her strong work ethic and commitment to hard work. Kathy later moved to Lander, where she spent five years at Anthony’s clothing store. There, she built lasting friendships with the people she met.

    Her stories of watching fireworks by the lake on the 4th of July and catching a glimpse of Ann Margaret in a parade in Storm Lake, Iowa, are filled with nostalgia and warmth.

    If Kathy could revisit any year, it would be the year she turned 21, right after college, and when she married her late husband, Doug, on June 6th, 1975. Her face lights up as she speaks about those cherished moments. Yet, her proudest accomplishments are her children, Megan and Kris, whose growth and achievements have brought immense joy to her life.

    As the years have passed, Kathy finds the greatest reward in watching her grandchildren, Morgan, Madison, and Mckenna, grow into remarkable individuals. She beams with pride as she shares that her late husband Doug’s last wishes were fulfilled with her granddaughters’ recent baptisms, a testament to the love and faith that have always been an integral part of Kathy’s life.

    Megan (daughter), Kathy, and granddaughters, Morgan, Madison and Makenna

    Kathy Vickery has always been a giver, donning the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus costumes with love and delight to bring joy to her children during the holidays. Today, she continues to cherish the visits and Facetime calls from her family and friends.

    When asked about her life advice, Kathy imparts wisdom that comes with age and experience: “Live every day like it is your last because you never know what could happen.” It’s a philosophy she’s embraced throughout her journey, and it’s one that inspires those around her.

    Kathy’s love for Westward Heights shines brightly. She values the comfort of her own private room and the sense of personal space it offers. Beyond the physical comforts, she has found genuine friendship among the staff members, further enhancing her sense of belonging within the Westward Heights community.

    We invite you to join us in celebrating Kathy and in exploring the vibrant and caring community that Westward Heights provides. It’s a place where every resident has a unique story to tell and a place where life is truly cherished.

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