Celebrating Eloisa Walters: Westward Height’s August Resident of the Month

    It’s that time of the month again when we shine the spotlight on one remarkable individual who brings the heart and soul to Westward Heights. This August, we’re delighted to introduce you to the vibrant and lovable Eloisa Walters – a beacon of wisdom, joy, and homemade bread!

    From the Kitchen to the Heart: Eloisa’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. With a career spent behind sizzling stoves and bustling tables, she’s charmed many as a waitress and cook, leaving a flavorful mark at Wind River High School. However, it wasn’t just about the delicious dishes; Eloisa’s true passion lay in teaching people how to cook. Her specialty? The warm embrace of homemade bread, a recipe seasoned with love and generations of family traditions.

    A Country Girl with a Heart of Gold: Growing up in the serene countryside, Eloisa remembers fond days of playing house and sharing giggles with her cherished dollies. Trouble? Not in her vocabulary. Instead, she embraced life’s adventures with a gleeful spirit that still shines through her every interaction.

    Love’s Everlasting Memory: Eloisa’s happiest memory? A moment that warmed her heart for a lifetime. Marrying Clarence Walters was the chapter that started her greatest love story, spanning a blissful 37 years. Their love blossomed into a family of 7 boys and 3 girls, a legacy that continues to thrive.

    Clarence and Eloisa

    A Family to Be Proud Of: Eloisa’s proudest achievement is undoubtedly her family. The legacy she’s woven, with threads of love, commitment, and unity, stands tall as a testament to her life’s worth. Her advice to younger generations is simple yet profound: love people and work hard, for these are the cornerstones of a fulfilled life.

    Age is Just a Number: The golden years have been incredibly rewarding for Eloisa. She treasures good health as the key to embracing the beauty of growing old. With each day, she carries her faith and her family’s warmth as her companions, a testament to what truly matters.

    Joyful Pursuits: Eloisa finds her happy place in the comforting embrace of her church, the excitement of bingo, and the priceless moments shared with her beloved family. Christmas holds a special place in her heart, where she’s renowned for crafting feasts that rival the magic of the season itself – cabbage rolls and homemade noodles that taste like love and tradition.

    Guiding Light: Eloisa lives by a simple yet profound mantra: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” It’s a reflection of the kindness she exudes, a quality that has made her a beloved figure among her peers.

    Westward Heights’ Haven: Eloisa’s eyes twinkle as she speaks about Westward Heights. She praises the “very loving and caring people” who fill the halls, making it a true home away from home.

    Eloisa’s daughters and daughter-in-law are regulars, enjoying lively games of aggravation where Eloisa’s competitive spirit shines through. Her granddaughter Kati visits her every Friday and brings her treats. Granddaughters Misti, Mandi, Kayla, and Danika, and grandsons Dalton and Scotty visit as often as they can. This is a true testament to Eloisa’s love for her family and their love for her.

    In Eloisa Walters, we find a remarkable blend of culinary passion, boundless love, and an infectious spirit that touches everyone she meets. She’s not just a resident; she’s a cherished member of the Westward Heights family. Here’s to Eloisa, our August Resident of the Month, a beacon of light in our community!

    A Heartfelt Recommendation: If you’re in search of a warm, caring community for your loved one, look no further than Westward Heights Care Center. Eloisa’s family highly recommends it.

    “Westward Heights is a clean and safe environment. It is the best place for our Mom because she was unable to live an unassisted life. Our Mom loves the kind and compassionate staff and she appreciates all that they do for her!” exclaimed Eloisa’s daughters and daughter-in-law. “They offer many activities if the residents choose to go. Our Mom especially likes that they have church on Sunday. Mom has had a very positive experience there.”

    Connect with Westward Heights today at (307) 332-5560 or visit their website at

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