Celebrate responsibly and enjoy the Super Bowl with SafeRide! You can have fun without worrying about driving home.

    Celebrate responsibly and ditch the car keys! This Super Bowl Sunday, the Wind River Transportation Authority (WRTA) is offering FREE SafeRide services in both Riverton and Lander to ensure everyone gets home safely after enjoying the big game.

    Here’s what you need to know:

    Dates & Times: Sunday, February 11th, 2024 from 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM

    Locations: Riverton and Lander, Wyoming

    Service Area: Anywhere within city limits

    IT’S FREE: We provide this service to the communities of Riverton and Lander, for FREE. Our main priority is making sure you don’t drink and drive, but if you’d like to just get a ride to the grocery store, that’s cool too!

    No Cross Service: Please note that there will be no cross-service between Lander and Riverton.

    Central Dispatch: All rides will be coordinated via phone call with WRTA dispatch (307-856-WRTA), and direct walk ups (in coordination with WRTA dispatch). Last minute changes to drop-off locations may be denied depending on schedule availability. 

    SafeRider Code of Conduct

    No Smoking/Vaping: Please refrain from smoking or vaping in WRTA’s SafeRide vehicles. Prohibited Items: Do not bring open alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or flammable/explosive materials onto WRTA vehicles. Only sealed containers are allowed. Before boarding, passengers must discard open beverages.

    Carry-On’s: Limit your carry-on items to two reasonably sized items. Ensure they don’t disturb others or take up excessive space in the aisle or seating area.

    Personal Hygiene: Maintain reasonable personal hygiene and avoid strong body odors while riding.

    Clothing: Wear appropriate clothing, including shirts and shoes, at all times.

    Respect for Personal Space: Respect personal space and be mindful of fellow passengers’ comfort during the journey.

    Disruptive Behavior: Behave appropriately when interacting with drivers, dispatchers, and fellow riders. Avoid physical abuse or threats. Obscene language or actions are not allowed. Keep all body parts inside the vehicles. Do not play radios, CD players, or noisy equipment without headphones.

    Littering: Do not litter or throw objects from the vehicle.

    Equipment: Do not operate or tamper with any vehicle or driver equipment.

    Seat Belts: Wear seat belts for the entire ride; all WRTA SafeRide vehicles are equipped with them.

    Child Passenger Responsibility: If traveling with a child requiring a car seat, bring and secure the seat into the vehicle yourself.

    No Flash Photography or Recording: Please refrain from taking flash photos or videos while the vehicle is in motion.

    Departing the Vehicle: Leave the vehicle when requested by the driver or any transportation/law enforcement official. Take all belongings with you; WRTA is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

    Volunteer Sidekick’s:
    As part of our commitment to community safety and engagement, we are seeking volunteer Sidekick’s from each municipality or police department (off duty). Your participation in this community partnership will play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of our employees, and the quality of our service. We simply cannot operate this service alone.

    1. Counting Passengers:
      • Keep track of how many passengers get on and off the vehicle each night. These numbers are important and become the official count for the day.
    2. Navigating Streets:
      • Help the driver find their way around Riverton or Lander. Assist in figuring out the best routes to pick up and drop off passengers.
    3. Recording Locations:
      • Write down where passengers are picked up and dropped off. This helps us keep things organized.
    4. Safety Assistance:
      • Work with the driver to make sure everyone stays safe and follows the rules of SafeRide. Listen to the driver’s guidance on this.
    5. Passenger Interaction:
      • Chat with passengers to make sure everyone is having a good time with SafeRide. Help create a positive atmosphere on the journey.

    If your schedule permits, we would greatly appreciate your support in this initiative. Please let us know if you or someone from your team would be available to participate as ride-along volunteers by reaching out to us at [email protected] or (307)856-WRTA.

    Your dedication to community well-being is invaluable, and we believe that together, we can make the SafeRide program a reliable, sustainable, and secure transportation option for residents.

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