#Snapped in Wind River Country

#Snapped: Aurora Borealis in Wyoming’s Wind River country

(Fremont County, WY) - Edwin Butler snapped this photo of the Aurora Borealis last night while he was "checking out the northern lights on Highway...

#Snapped: ‘Touch of the Old West’

Angela McCann shared this photo captured by 9-year-old Annabella McCann of Pavillion, with the caption: "Touch of the Old West."

#Snapped: Falls Campground

Brenda Moor snapped this photo at the Falls Campground on September 3.

#Snapped: Dubois sunset from Warm Valley Lodge

(Fremont County, WY) - Warm Valley Lodge shared this photo of a recent Dubois sunset. Thanks for sharing, Warm Valley!

#Snapped: Stormy Wind River

Ayla Palmer snapped this photo of the Wind River down by the dog park in Riverton on Sunday evening.

#Snapped: East Fork badger

Lynn Stewart captured this photo of a badger.

#Snapped: South Absaroka Mountains red fox

Karl Brauneis recently snapped this photo of a red fox in the South Absaroka Mountains in Fremont County.

#Snapped: Oregon Buttes

(Wind River Country) - Robert Hallam shared the above photo of the Oregon Buttes off in the distance on a cloudy day. Thanks for sharing,...

#Snapped: Ocean Lake Leopard Frog

(Fremont County, WY) - Alex Carlson snapped the above photo of a Leopard Frog at Ocean Lake. Thanks for sharing, Alex!

#Snapped: Wind River Mountain sunset

(Lander, WY) - Karl Brauneis snapped this photo of the Winds at sunset. As an added bonus, he also shared the photo below with...

#Snapped: Sunflower sunset

Denise Stadler snapped this photo of sunflowers in a sunset near Pavillion.

#Snapped: Rainbow over a meadow

Ashley Sawtelle captured this rainbow over a meadow near Fiddlers Lake above Lander.

#Snapped: Rainy Togwotee Pass

Amanda Fehring snapped this photo on a rainy Togwotee Pass on Sunday, August 20.

#Snapped: Second Cutting in Fremont County

(Fremont County, WY) - The second cutting is well underway all across the 10, and Randy Tucker was kind enough to share some photos...

#Snapped: Moonrise east of Shoshoni

Jedadiah Meeks captured this moment east of Shoshoni on August 14.

#Snapped: ‘Sunrises are a bonus with all the rainy skies’

Mary Sanderson shared this photo taken last week from the Lander airport.

#Snapped: Sun over Riverton

(Fremont County, WY) - Dave Gray recently snapped the above photo in the 10. Thanks for sharing, Dave!

#Snapped: Wild Horse Point

Michael Bohlen captured this panoramic from Wild Horse Point, Green Mountains, on August 3, 2023.