#Snapped in Wind River Country

#Snapped: November whitetails

Karl Brauneis snapped these photos of whitetails in November. Thanks for sharing, Karl!

#Snapped: Wind River Peak

Karl Brauneis shared these photos of Wind River Peak. Thanks for sharing, Karl!

#Snapped: Sunset on Horse Creek

Lynn Stewart snapped this photo. Thanks for sharing, Lynn!

#Snapped: Crowheart sunrise

Joe Brandl captured the following photos of a beautiful sunrise in Crowheart. Thanks for sharing, Joe!

#Snapped: A frosty morning bed, morning sunshine

Karl Brauneis captured these two photos. Thanks for sharing, Karl!

#Snapped: Ray Lake

Mike Chingman captured these two photos. Thanks for sharing, Mike!

#Snapped: Snowy Oregon Buttes

John Scarince captured this photo of the Oregon Buttes. Thanks for sharing, John!

#Snapped: Snowy Owl Creeks

Amy Miller captured this photo of the Owl Creeks. Thanks for sharing, Amy!

#Snapped: Snowy Badlands and Ramshorn Peak

Lynn Stewart captured this photo. Thanks for sharing, Lynn!

#Snapped: Fort Washakie sunrise

Shi Meeks captured these photos in Fort Washakie. Thanks for sharing!

#Snapped: Local Veteran stands proudly in front of flag raising effort

(Lander, WY) - Local Lander Veteran Jim Paulus, who served in the United States Air Force, proudly displays the American and POW/MIA flags, which...

#Snapped: Lunar eclipse

County 10 received some photos of last night's lunar eclipse from Chris Hattings and Kristin Moran.

#Snapped: Hidden Valley sunset

Debbie Herbst shared she captured this moment on Hidden Valley back in October.

#Snapped: Sunrise at Buckhorn Flats

Aaron McCallister captured this November 1 sunrise. Aaron shared it was "absolutely awesome" and "beautiful clouds and colors."

#Snapped: Last look at fall

As snow blankets much of Fremont County today, we get one last look at fall thanks to Rose Vowles. She writes, "View of Lizard...

#Snapped: Somewhere over the rainbow

Ashleigh Burkey captured this photo. Thanks for sharing, Ashleigh!

#Snapped: Lookout Tower

Winslow Friday captured this moment and shared the location as Lookout Tower, WY WRIR.

#Snapped: Badwater Creek Delta

Harvey Reading snapped this photo of the Badwater Creek Delta at Boysen State Park.

#Snapped: Lander sunrise

Debbie Olson captured this sunrise from her yard in Lander last week.

#Snapped: The fall Rise

Donna Finch captured this photo in Sinks Canyon last week.