#Snapped in Wind River Country

    #Snapped: ‘Happy summer solstice, County 10!!’

    Rose Vowles took these two photos and shared, "In both photos, I tried to capture the town of Lander (in dark green in the...

    #Snapped: ‘Dawn in the Wind Rivers’

    Karl Brauneis snapped these photos recently and shared, "I am addicted to color, line, form, balance, texture and light - nature too."

    #Snapped: Stroll down Main Street

    (Fremont County, WY) - County 10 reporter Vince Tropea snapped these photos of friends Cole and Ian Kraft, out for a stroll on Lander's...

    #Snapped: ‘Baby moose on the loose’

    Wayne Fontenot captured this photo and shared it was taken in the Upper Wind River Valley.

    #Snapped: ‘The Color Red’

    Karl Brauneis snapped these photos featuring red.

    #Snapped: Lander deer find shade

    Helen LaRose snapped this photo of some residential deer cooling off from the 83-degree weather the other day.

    #Snapped: Road trips in the 10

    Rose Vowles snapped this photo during a road trip in the 10.

    #Snapped: Northern Lights above Ethete

    (Fremont County, WY) - Jade Soundingsides recently snapped this pic of the Northern Lights above Ethete.Thanks for sharing, Jade!

    #Snapped: Cloud Kisser IV reflections

    Luke Walker captured this photo and said, "Cloud Kisser 4 reflected into a horse pond. 5/28/24"

    #Snapped: ‘Nature’s colors on Crowheart Butte’

    Lynne Lucas snapped this photo of a stormy day over Crowheart Butte.

    #Snapped: 2024 Memorial Day flag raising on Lander’s Main Street

    (Fremont County, WY) - Amy Federer snapped these photos and video of the 2024 Memorial Day raising of the US and the POW/MIA flags...

    #Snapped: Cedar Waxwing

    Dez Marrow snapped these photos of Cedar Waxwing.

    #Snapped: Sinks Canyon Road sunset

    Rose Vowles snapped these photos and shared the following. "The sunset on Thursday, May 23, was spectacular. These photos were taken from Sinks Canyon...

    #Snapped: Sunset of the Winds from Beaver Rim

    Bob Arnone snapped these photos of the sunset from Beaver Rim.

    #Snapped: Early May morning Cloud Kisser sighting

    (Fremont County, WY) - Lori King snapped a photo of the Cloud Kisser hot air balloon on an early Saturday morning ride.Thanks for...

    #Snapped: Clouds over Table Mountain

    Scott Robeson snapped this photo last week of some interesting clouds over Table Mountain.

    #Snapped: Northern lights lit up the 10 last night

    (Fremont County, WY) - County 10 received several photos of last night's northern lights from readers across the County.Check out the photos below,...

    #Snapped: Tonkin demolition April 2024

    Don Rood of Rood Dog Video Productions shared these aerial photos of the Tonkin demolition from April.

    #Snapped: Virga over Lander Valley

    Rose Vowles captured the photo of the virga (rain that doesn’t touch the ground) over Lander Valley as seen from the North Slope Trail...