#Snapped: SageWest Health Care donates to Volunteers of America

On Thursday, John Ferrelli, CEO of SageWest Health Care, and Dr. Mel Meyer presented a check to Volunteers of America and the...

#Snapped: SageWest is spreading holiday cheer!

SageWest donated legos for the Stuff the Bus and SageWest providers and employees gifted 25 angels from the Central Bank and Trust...

#Snapped: Ornament made by Dubois student will be displayed on Governor’s tree

Fremont County School District #2 student Kurt Falco poses with his ornament that is headed to the Governor's mansion to be displayed...

#Snapped: 10 Pathfinder students submit college apps Friday

Seniors from Fremont County School District #1's Pathfinder High School participated in College Application Day today, December 4th, shared Principal Ceatriss Wall. "10...

#Snapped: ‘Fresh Snow and the Moon’

Karl Brauneis captured this photo of Lander after the snow the other evening. He titled it Fresh Snow and the Moon.

#Snapped: Sundogs captured on Wyoming webcam

Riverton's National Weather Service was quick to capture this great shot via a WYDOT webcam Wednesday morning. The photo...

#Snapped: ‘Moonset over the Popo Agie’

Catherine Persson captured this moment in her backyard and titled it Moonset over the Popo Agie. Thanks for sharing,...

#Snapped: Watching sunsets can be a ‘hoot’

Cheryl Smith captured this owl in Riverton off of W. Fremont watching the sunset earlier this week. Thanks for...

#Snapped: End of November sunset in Riverton

Bill Esposito recently captured this moment in Riverton. Thanks for sharing, Bill! Got a photo,...

#Snapped: ‘Post Thanksgiving feast walk, Wyoming style!’

Becky Dechert shared this photo of the aptly named Post Thanksgiving feast walk, Wyoming style!. Thanks for sharing,...

#Snapped: ‘Contrast of the Species’

Karl Brauneis captured these two in Lander recently. He titled them a Contrast of the Species - a whitetail buck and a...

#Snapped: ‘Spring Mountain morning’

Lynn Stewart captured this photo of Spring Mountain in the morning a few days ago.

WATCH: Impressive bucks spotted on Spriggs in Lander

Jim Kniola captured these big fellas off of Spriggs in Lander. Check out the two videos Jim shared below.

#Snapped: November morning sky 🤩

Daniel Bergquist captured this sunrise earlier this week and those fluffy, colorful clouds are something else! Thanks for sharing, Daniel!

#Snapped: ‘Good morning, Lander’

Flower Norris recently captured this November sunrise in Lander. Thanks for sharing, Flower! Got a...

#Snapped: An Oregon Buttes highlight

Pat Cole snapped this photo of the Oregon Buttes in southern Fremont County. Thanks for sharing, Pat!

#Snapped: November sunrise in Riverton

Larry Daniels shared this sunrise captured by the ponds in Riverton. Thanks for sharing, Larry!

#Snapped: ‘Bare Limbs at Dusk’

Harvey Reading shared this photo he captured Boysen State Park. He titled it Bare Limbs at Dusk. Thanks for sharing,...

#Snapped: Riverview sunrise

Fremont County had some spectacular sunrises this week. Brenda Calonge captured this moment on Riverview Road.

#Snapped: November sunrises never disappoint

John Wolfe snapped this photo of a lovely Fremont County sunrise earlier this week. Thanks for sharing, John!

#Snapped: A walk in the park

Flower Norris shared this photo she captured while on a park stroll. Thanks for sharing, Flower!

#Snapped: A Fremont County sunrise

Kelsie Long snapped this great photo of a beautiful Tuesday morning scene in Fremont County! If you've got a...

#Snapped: Eagle on the lookout

Mary Sanderson snapped this bold and beautiful bird. Did you know that bald eagles tend to mate with...

#Snapped: Veteran’s Day 2020 Riverton Parade

Rachelle McCoy shared this photo from today's parade down Riverton's Main Street for Veteran's Day. Thank you for...