Adlyn’s Inspiring Journey: Cody Robbins of Live2Hunt surprises her in Dubois and a big buck down, all thanks to the ‘Putting the ‘U’ in Hunt’ program

    (Fremont County)– In 2022, a remarkable young girl named Adlyn Even had to take on a tough battle in her life and begin her extraordinary journey, catching the attention of County 10 and others with her fantastic personality. Adlyn’s journey led her to become a part of the “Putting the ‘U’ in Hunt” program, a heartwarming initiative organized by the Muley Fanatic Foundation (MFF) in collaboration with the Wyoming Game & Fish Commission. This program generously offers Complimentary Commissioner Licenses to youths facing life-threatening illnesses, with the goal of providing them and their families a stress-free and memorable hunting experience.

    Adlyn Even’s journey began in 2022 when she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Her strength and resilience during her battle with this life-threatening illness caught the attention of many, including the Muley Fanatic Foundation.

    Adlyn’s hunting journey goes beyond her battle, highlighting the invaluable surprise in part by Cody Robbins, a renowned hunting celebrity from the “Live2Hunt” show on the Outdoor Channel. As part of Adlyn’s journey, she was treated to this surprise visit from Cody Robbins for this epic Mule Deer hunt. The surprise took place in Dubois where Adlyn had the opportunity to meet and hunt with a hunting hero in person.


    The evening began with a visit to Nanas Bowling and Bakery, where Adlyn, Cody Robbins, and family/friends enjoyed pizza, bowling, and hunting-themed presents. It was a heartwarming moment that brought a smile to Adlyn’s face.

    Amidst the excitement, Adlyn had the opportunity to harvest a truly fantastic and unique buck. While she initially had her heart set on a drop-tine buck, the one she harvested was nothing short of extraordinary. Its captivating appearance was one for the books, showcasing the unpredictability and wonder of nature.

    h/t 10 Country Chapter MFF

    Adlyn’s remarkable journey, supported by many caring individuals along with the “Putting the ‘U’ in Hunt” program and enriched by the surprise from Cody Robbins, serves as a testament to the power of community and compassion. It showcases how organizations like the Muley Fanatic Foundation and individuals like Cody Robbins can make a profound impact on the lives of young warriors like Adlyn Even. Adlyn’s story is in part about finding hope, joy, and inspiration in unexpected places, and it reminds us all of the importance of giving back and spreading positivity in our communities.


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