#Activate10: County 10’s ‘Stuff the Car’ to stock RMS Food Pantry

    “Our community is large and wildly diverse, which is at the same time our strength and our weakness. #Activate10 is a movement seeking to increase communication between individuals and organizations across Fremont County and to promote positive action in our communities.”

    As the holiday season approaches, it’s a time of joy and celebration for many. However, for some children in our community, the prospect of school breaks brings worries about food insecurity. That’s why County 10 is proud to announce their “Stuff the Car” event at Smith’s in Riverton on Wednesday, December 6th, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., with food to be donated to Riverton Middle School’s food pantry.

    While you do your own grocery shopping, grab a few items from our list of needed items, and after check out, deposit these items in the County 10 car that will be parked in front of Smith’s.

    County 10’s “Stuff the Car” event aims to collect non-perishable food items and donations to aid the Riverton Middle School food pantry. The collected food will help supplement home food supplies for children in need, especially over the upcoming Christmas break.

    Food insecurity can be challenging during school breaks, especially for children in the middle school age group. Many of these students find themselves helping care for younger siblings during breaks, making access to consistent meals a concern. While school breakfast and lunch programs provide vital support during the school year, these resources aren’t available during breaks. The food pantry at RMS is always in need of donations, but especially this time of the year. Please consider donating to the “Stuff the Car” project.

    For further details or inquiries, please contact [email protected].

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