13 action items on Dubois Town Council agenda for regular meeting Wednesday

    The Dubois Town Council will hold a regular meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 26, in the Council Chambers at Dubois Town Hall, 712 Meckem Street.

    The agenda begins with a public hearing “to present the town’s trade of property.”

    The trade involves .0069 acres of town-owned property worth $6,160 and .045 acres of privately-owned property worth $4,020, according to the agenda.


    The council will consider approving the land trade with Richard and Catherine Liesenfeld later in the meeting.

    During public comments, Gary Hedlund is scheduled to offer a presentation on Senate File 43EMS districts.

    The town will also offer a reminder that Dubois is looking for a new member of the Board of Adjustment – a “quasi-judicial, statutorily established board with authority to grant variances from the town’s zoning ordinance.”

    The board meets as needed on the second Tuesday of the month in the council chambers at Town Hall, and all members serve a three-year term, according to the agenda.


    Action items

    There are 13 action items on the meeting agenda, including Dubois Municipal Airport hangar lot leases and three ordinances:
    -an ordinance on third reading vacating a portion of Stephens Street
    -an ordinance on first reading amending the “leasing property” portion of the town code
    -an ordinance on first reading vacating an alley in the Ramshorn Addition to the town

    The council will also consider approving:
    -a quit claim deed
    -the Liesenfeld land trade
    -a $34,694 payment to Apex Earthworks for the Barber Street Sewer Extension Project
    -an engagement letter with Summit West CPA Group for the town’s fiscal year 2022-2023 audit
    -accounts payable
    -TAD funds payables

    Dubois received one bid this month for the Town Hall Sidewalk Repair Project totaling $80,200 from TL3 LLC, and on Wednesday, the council will consider awarding the $56,200 base bid for the project to TL3, as recommended by Nelson Engineering.


    The council will also consider authorizing the termination of an availability fee for a utility account.

    The agenda notes that “many attempts have been made verbally and in writing to contact the property owner for payment.”

    Finally, the council will consider accepting the June 2023 financial report.


    Wednesday’s meeting is open to the public for in-person attendance, and past meeting minutes are available here.

    For more information call the Town of Dubois at 455-2345.


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