#WyoStrong: Local teen prevented structure fire on 4th of July, rewarded for efforts

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    (Fremont County, WY) – 13-year-old Johnathan “Johnny” Friday didn’t intend on performing a heroic feat on July 4th, but rose to the occasion to put out a fire near his neighbor’s garage and shed, preventing what could have been thousands of dollars in damage.

    Friday recounted that he had just gotten home in the Boulder Flats area Monday evening after running to Lander with his grandma JoAnne Friday, when he noticed the light coming from the fire on his neighbor’s property.

    Initially, Friday commented that he thought they must have been grilling, but could soon see there was no one around, and immediately took action.

    After observing that the fire originated from a swept-up pile of used fireworks and was closing in on the garage, Johnny began knocking on the doors and window of the house to alert his neighbors, but soon realized no one was home.

    At that point he took control of the situation, locating a nearby hose and following it to the spigot, ultimately putting the fire out with the garden hose.

    “Johnny was so calm and collected during it all, and did it all on his own,” commented JoAnne. “I’m really proud of him, and hope people remember to double check those firework piles. We were definitely meant to be there in that moment.”

    Johnny’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed, with his neighbors rewarding him with some cash for saving their garage, which had thousands of dollars worth of work equipment inside.

    Congratulations on your heroic efforts Johnny!

    Local hero Johnathan “Johnny” Friday shared his story with County 10 Reporter Vince Tropea at the KOVE studio Wednesday morning, along with his very proud grandma. h/t Vince Tropea photo

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