Wyoming STARBASE Academy partnered with Eastern Shoshone Tribe for space-themed STEM camp

    (Fort Washakie, WY) – The Wyoming STARBASE Academy, in collaboration with the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, successfully concluded a four-day space-themed STEM camp that provided students with an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the wonders of space and engage in various hands-on educational activities. The camp was held at the Eastern Shoshone Tribe Boys and Girls Club in Fort Washakie, Wyoming, from July 10 to 13, 2023.

    Throughout the camp, young learners had the unique chance to explore space-related concepts while participating in various engaging and interactive activities. These activities were meticulously designed to foster a love for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, inspiring curiosity and igniting a passion for learning among participants.

    The diverse curriculum encompassed activities such as constructing and launching different types of rockets, crafting intricate 3D solar systems, and delving into the world of robotics through building and coding two distinct types of robots — the bristle bots and spheros. Each activity was thoughtfully curated to provide a holistic experience, combining education with enjoyment.


    The partnership between the Wyoming STARBASE Academy and the Eastern Shoshone Tribe underscores a commitment to extending STEM education to students who might not have access to such opportunities otherwise. Recognizing the value of fostering young minds’ interest in science and space, the program organizers brought this innovative camp to a wider audience beyond their traditional STARBASE program.

    “By taking our program on the road and collaborating with the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, we aimed to ensure that all students, regardless of their circumstances, can experience the thrill of learning about space and STEM subjects in an engaging and interactive manner,” said Germaletta Brown, Wyoming STARBASE Academy director.

    The success of this space-themed STEM camp is a testament to the impact of cross-community partnerships and the power of experiential learning. Both the Wyoming STARBASE Academy and the Eastern Shoshone Tribe are elated to have provided students with a memorable and enriching educational experience that has the potential to spark lifelong curiosity and passion for science and technology.

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