Wyoming Honor Farm conducts facility-wide search

    (Riverton, WY) – The Wyoming Honor Farm (WHF), located in Riverton, conducted a facility-wide shakedown on April 2, 2024. All areas of WHF were searched and nothing of
    significance was discovered.

    Shakedowns are a common practice in correctional facilities, and local detention centers
    alike. A shakedown is when correctional staff conduct a thorough search of an inmate’s
    person or cell. Searches are conducted for security and accountability reasons. When a
    shakedown or search is conducted the primary goal is to locate any contraband (to include
    searching for illicit substances and/or weapons) and to uncover potential security threats.

    The WDOC conducts facility wide searches throughout the year; however, cell inspections
    and area searches occur randomly on a frequent basis.


    The WDOC takes pride in its staff and they should be commended for doing a fantastic job in keeping contraband out of the WHF.


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