WRTA fare returns Monday

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, WRTA ceased charging fares as a public service to their riders and to avoid handling currency that potentially could transfer COVID-19.

    “We hope this was helpful to WRTA patrons and we sincerely worry about our loyal customers,” shared WRTA Manager Gary Michaud.

    WRTA now must resume charging farebox for fixed routes on Monday, May 8. The cost will be $2 per ride; only cash/coins are accepted. Starting in June, monthly passes will be available for $40 by calling 856-7118. All Central Wyoming College personnel and students will not be charged as long as they provide a school ID. 


    “Everyone lost friends and family during the pandemic and our lives have changed forever. Big Blue would like to take this opportunity to send our best out to the Fremont County community as we continue to recover from the pandemic.”


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