WATCH: The consequences of DUI

    Injury Prevention Resources recently shared a video detailing the consequences of driving while under the influence.

    The consequences detailed in the video are as follows:

    • Losing your job
    • Losing future jobs requiring driving
    • Losing your Drivers License
    • Going to jail
    • Being strip-searched at the jail
    • Paying an average of $10,000
    • Paying thousands in medical bills
    • Peeing in a urine testing cup in front of strangers
    • Driving every day and night to blow into a tube – If you fail, you go to jail
    • Going to weekly meetings with a probation agent
    • Going to treatment instead of work
    • Going to in-patient treatment for months
    • Being a convicted criminal
    • Feeling shame
    • Risking life and limbs, including:
    • Being paralyzed
    • Permanent brain injury
    • death
    • Hurting/Killing a child
    • Hurting someone else’s family, as well as your own.

    Overall, the video asserts, driving impaired is not worth the risk.

    IPR is dedicated to its mission of “zero deaths and zero injuries on our roads.” It says to practice the simple things to survive Wyoming roads, like buckling up, driving attentively and never driving impaired.

    Watch this video to learn more about the consequences of driving under the influence.

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