Today in the 10 | February 3, 2020

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? Here’s what’s playing at Barry Cinemas *

  • The Acme: The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle
  • The Gem: Gretel & Hansel, 1917, Bad Boys for Life, The Rhythm Section
  • The Grand: Little Women
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Congratulations to the families of these new #littles!


Recent Arrests presented by 

Fremont County Sheriff’s Office

Alcoser, Fabian, 25, Riverton, Fremont County Warrant

Brewer, Blake, 27. Riverton, No Valid Driver’s License, No Insurance

Brown, Roland, 55, Crow Agency, MT, Driving Under The Influence C’Bearing, Jillian, 24, Riverton, Bon Violation Coburn, Curtis, 34, Riverton, Fremont County Warrant Kunst, Justin, 33, Pavillion, Fremont Counthy Warrant Loper, Donald, 61, Riverton, Driving Under The Influence Oldman, Talon, 30, Riverton, Bond Violation Redman, Tom, 27, Ethete, Domestic Battery

Riverton Police Department’

Norse, Rudolph, 51, Riverton, Public Intoxication

Whiteplume, Allen, 34, Arapahoe, Public Intoxication

Armour, Edwin, 42, Riverton, Pedestrian Under The Influence

Bushyhead, Amanda, 21, Riverton, Fremont County Warrant

Frost, Pennie, 41, Riverton, Driving Under The Influence

Tindall, Justin, 33, Riverton, Washakie County Warrant

Norse, Rudolph, 51 Riverton, Public Intoxication

Monroe, Trishanna, 41, Arapahoe, Fremont County Warrant

Ridgley, Eugene, 58, Ethete, Public Intoxication

Friday, Dustin, 29, Riverton, Riverton Municipal Warrant

Lander Police Department

Deniz, Antonio, 49, Worland, Driving Under The Influence

Amos, Colin, 32, Riverton, Driving Under Suspension, Marshals Warrant

Aragon, Joey, 24, Fort Washakie, LPD Warrant

Wallowingbull, Clayton, 33, Ethete, Driving Under The Influence with Child Passenger, No Driver’s License

P.S. Entries marked with * are sponsored/paid.

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