The summer picnic season is in full swing! Stock up at the Wednesday Farmers Market

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    Whether its backyard cookouts at home with family and a few neighbors or a full-fledged family reunion at the park or in the mountains, you can stock up on supplies at the Wednesday Farmers Market in Riverton at City Park from 5-7 pm.

    Serve brisket or burgers from Lost Wells Cattle Co, with bbq sauce on the side from Lake View Gardens. 7 HT Brands offers a wide variety of pickles and you can whip up a great coleslaw or cold broccoli salad, with veggies from the produce booths. Top off the whole meal with cookies from Paltry Peddlar or a cool Lime cream pie. And this is just a sampling of what the Wednesday Market folks offer every week!


    Remember, when you shop from local producers, you support family farms and local cooks and gardeners supplementing their family incomes. Your dollars stay in Riverton, circulating repeatedly through our local economy, building stronger communities.

    Come shop, 5-7, Wednesday, City Park.

    Put this on your calendar: July 15th, Wyoming’s First Lady will pay a personal visit to the Wednesday Market! More details in next week’s post.

    Call 851-7162 for additional information.



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