The five dog breeds Wyoming residents most want to adopt in 2023

    (Wyoming) – The Cowboy State consistently ranks among the best states in the nation for dog owners. The folks at PetLab have recently tallied data from all 50 states and across the nation to analyze which dog breeds are most sought after at adoption centers.

    • Chihuahuas top the list of breeds that Americans wish to rescue.
    • Beagles and Golden Retrievers are the second and third most desired rescue breeds, respectively.
    • TikTok videos relating to Chihuahuas have been viewed more than 25 billion times on the app.

    For Wyoming specifically, here’s the top five;

    1. Chihuahua
    2. German Shepherd
    3. Great Dane
    4. Border Collie
    5. Dachshund

    For the full list and more pet adoption information, check out the PetLab story here!


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